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Innovant Technologies LLC

Super-Smart Bundle Kit: STEM Books with 14-inch Somi the Computer Scientist Interactive Doll

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This bundle includes:

1) One award-winning interactive 14-inch Somi, the Computer Scientist doll

2) One "Somi, the Computer Scientist: Princess Can Code" storybook (Softcover only)

[Contains two chapters, 13 illustrations, two coding exercises, Computer Science glossary, and access to audiobook]

3) One Computer Science Activity Book [Contains 16+ fun activities, Answer keys]

No more boredom, confusion, or lack of relatable mentors! This is STEM learning reimagined for children everywhere.

Our Somi Doll/Books helps to:

  1. Increase a child’s interest in Computer Science (CS)
  2. Boost a child’s confidence in understanding CS concepts
  3. Improve reading skills
  4. Inspires a child to dream big
  5. Encourage better online conduct through Cyberbullying awareness 

This first-of-its-kind smart and gorgeous interactive African American/Black STEM doll is sure to light a spark in a young girl or boy. 


  • The first-ever interactive STEM doll on Computer Science education and Cyberbullying awareness
  • This STEM toy speaks over 220+ words (Includes exciting 12 voiceover recordings that teach Computer Science terms in a fun way)
  • Terms covered: Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, Code, Bug, Binary Numbers, Web page, Javascript, HTML, Condition, Loop, Cyberbully, & a Somi greeting
  • Accessories: “Princess can Code” empowerment white shirt, purple pants with heart-shaped knee patches, pink sneakers with ribbon laces, pink beaded necklace, 8 colorful hair beads (4 on each hair braid), and two white hair bows
  • Actually 14.5 inch tall (excluding hair and shoes)
  • Batteries included (3 x DC1.5v) [NOTE: Please, follow “How to use” instructions on the doll box to activate the voicebox]
  • Doll weight - ~530g
  • Perfect for everyone ages 5+ (Books: ages 7-11+, Doll: ages 5-9+)


The "Somi" interactive doll focuses on exposing kids to Computer Science (CS) concepts by defining terms in a fun way which were adapted for early-learning. It's main premise is to lay the foundation to understanding the benefits of studying CS which is to cultivate one's logical reasoning, problem solving skills, and boost their creativity. These skillsets can be used in any area of one's life. The doll also touches on cyberbullying, to bring awareness to what it is and encourage better online conduct. Cyberbullying falls under the CS core concept: "Impacts of Computing".


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